Problem with wd20ears

im having HUGE trouble reading a big image  ( small images is the same problem ) done by acronis true image 2010

( as i write this is here i will have to report to western digital company support… ) **bleep** why i bought this new type of drive :confused:

i have sistema image with 7 GB and another with 349 GB

i have tried to restore my 7 GB image with readings  of 3 MBs  result … the program almost hangs

i have tried both acronis true image WD edition and the normal one from acronis site… both giving the same awful performance when reading this big file in program to restore

if i transfer this file to another drive by windows copy/paste it seems to have no issues on performance but im trying to restore not copy a file :confused:

with the 7 gb image i have copied to another hard drive ( a samsung spinpoint f3 ) and reading from this drive i readings readings of 80 MBs ~ ( using the program) and in windows copy/paste

this is the reading with both acronis image versions

im restoring to an old and perfectly fine WD5000AAKS-00TMA0 from 2007  that maximum speed is 80 MBs

(thats the reason i bought this new western digital HDD, its because of the gold reliability of the wd5000aaks that i have)

see some pictures of my problem restoring 349 gb of data :

see the remaning time :   **bleep**ty 23 hours ( and thats only an estimative)

“reading performance” (???)  from the drive ( i have tested from my e-sata external enclousure and directly in my computer with a sata II cable

see the read rate and disk activity and transfer rate

**bleep** using only 2 % of disk maximum speed

PLEASE I NEED TO RECOVER THIS FILE QUICLY and i think this is a problem related to the buggy firmware on this drive

information of the drive

this post is not related to any other posts that i have made  like the firmware issue post that i made…

i didnt know of this problem until yesterday

seems that i will have to copy the files from a samsung disk to this wd20ears too get enough space in one of the partitions and after that copy the entire image to the samsung to restore from there… and i will get the normal speed of the new drives… its sad, truly sad

best regards