Problem with WD20EARS

Hi, i have a problem with a new purchased WD20EARS. I have formatted it under Windows 7 , and copied a lot of files . After that i have a new Installation of windows 7 , but now in the new installation the drive was recognized, but the HDD should be formatted??. In the control panel , there are 6 partitions. They are in this order, 1. 624,31GB no Assigned, 2. primary partition 931,61GB, 3. primary Partition RAW 875,48 GB RAW (it was recognized as Map G:), 4. 931,38 GB Primary partition , 5. 27MB Failure, 6. 104,06 GB not assigned. But i formatted the HDD with the previous Win7 without problems, and i could acces it. I have the HDD with testdrive. There is a incorrect geometry. Can somebody help me?