Problem with WD TV & WD MyCloud (Media Library)

Hi guys.

All my movies and TV Series are stored on my 4TB WD MYCLOUD and i play them on my WDTV using Media library.

My wife and i are watching many TV Series at same time, depending how we feel, we had various types…

My problem is the following:

Not sure how its called, but the indicator that says if the episode was watched or not disappears when i add or remove files on my WD MyCloud.  it synchs to the media library and the indicator goes grey on all episodes, watched or not…

It makes it realy difficult to track where we were at and its frustrating since we have to play episodes 1 by 1 to find what was the last episode we saw…

Sorry for bad english, main language is french.

Note:  Updated to lates firmware and still same issue.

Thx in advance for your time and help!


What are you doing to get it to “Sync” when you add or remove files?