Problem with WD TV Live video playback on YouTube

I’m from Italy and I’m an owner of two units WD TV Live as what you see in the image below:


I like this product, I use it to watch on TV movies saved on a USB device and especially videos on YouTube and DailyMotion. However, with one of the latest updates, there arose a problem that concerns only the videos on YouTube:
basically, every time you end up seeing a YouTube video, the unit will restart from the beginning, thus making it impossible, for example, assist in sequence all the movies in a playlist.

I thought it was a defect in my unit, but having two, I tried the other one and it has the same problem, so I guess it is a “bug” related to one of the latest software updates.

It’s possible to solve this problem?
Thank you.

The last software update was almost a year ago.   If a change was made, it was at YouTube’s end.

Yes, it is many months that the WD TV Live present this problem with the YouTube videos, and the problems started with one of latest updates (probably the last one, I don’t remember).