Problem with wd mypassport 1tb

Hi everybody!

I have one mypassport, but after a small fall, i cant use then.

I connect to usb3.0 port on my computer, and windows shows the “safely remove hardware” button in the tray. In the hd, the light turn on. Windows explorer shows local disk (is not the name of the drive) and when i click then, noting happens.

When i click in the  “safely remove hardware” button it shows “Eject My Passport 0730”. But before, it was Eject My Passport 0740.

What is happening? Did I loose all my data?

please, help me!


Now, I tried put the hd on my TV, and the tv could read data from the hd!!!

I tried see one movie, and i could!!!

but, why i cant see on windows??