Problem with wd my book essintial

helo i have a my book essintial 2 tb .and buy 10 days ego . and copy to all of video for my job .this is damage  and lost all my important data . plz help me how  recovery data . yesterday detect  on the managment  and firmwar is ok but the disk writen unllocate .tomarow not detect ??? why??
the hard not bad sound
im posting to kroll data ricovery uk.
plz help me …!can  this company  help me ???
im lost my job

Does the drive show up in Disk Management?  If it does, then it’s possible that the file system got corrupted.  You could try a partition recovery software and see if that helps.  It may not recover all the data, but at least some of it.

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i send it to kroll ontrack uk data recovery .  can i help me this company .