Problem with WD Elements 3TB

I have a problem when I plug in my WD Elements 3TB it picks it up as another drive and then asks me to format it.

While it is plugged into the computer and the power unit together the LED loads for a second through flashing and then it goes dark.

In device manager for Windows 7. It appears as ASMT 2105 USB Device.

This problem has popped up several times before with me just power cycling it or unplugging and replugging in the drive. This doesn’t appear to be working.

I also tried it on my laptop what happened was a I get it to detect as normal and then most recently same problem as my desktop.

Is there some means of fixing the situation and getting access to the data? or better yet getting it to work.

You can try testing the drive from winDLG from the ligk given below.

If the test passes and does not show any issue with the drive. You should contact WD Support from the link given below.

Could be a Drive Letter Assignment problem … my WD Elements 3TB has sometimes failed to be recognized in Windows (so i assigned it Drive Letter “Z” … haven’t really had a problem since)

@ Tech_Wanderer

This is the results of the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. I ran the extended test instead of the quick one.

Very well the image was removed. Then I will describe it. I ran the test and it passed. However, It simply didn’t do much at all It passed smart test as well.

@Joey Smyth

When I went to disk management it told me that the file system in use is a RAW system not the NTFS. Which you have in the drive letter assignment link. Mounting attempt has been made to a specific folder but it simply reminds me to format because it thinks its a RAW system not an NTFS.

I did however reassign the volume to z:\ it is very confusing because after disconnected and reconnected via the “safely remove hardware” function. It was working again but under the F:\ and not the Z:. However, I am not certain if it will stay that way. But it is just confusing to me. Because previously it has worked for some time then had this error again.

The following day after a proper shut down and disconnection. It ends up having the same issue once again.Which is very frustrating.