Problem With WD Discovery

When I try to access the WD Discovery the next error apear:

“No Network Devices were discovered - please be sure your device is powered on and properly connected to the Local Area Network.”.  What can I do.


Hi, lets help you with that!

First, if the WD DIscovery does not see the drive…don’t panic. 

Make sure all the cables are properly connected.  If you have WIndows Vista or 7 you can open the EXPLORER and  go to NETWORK. Most of the times the drive should be listed there listed 3 times.  There should be one that looks like a computer icon, double click on it and you should see the PUBLIC folder. Right click on it and select “Map network drive” (or something like this.

If you do not see it then restart the My Book by pressing the RESET button on the back of it for 10 seconds then try the same steps above. 

Another option is to try it on another machine or disable any antivirus or securityo software that might be blocking the connection.