Problem with USB Backup

I’m having trouble with my USB backup. I’m wondering if any one has any insight.

I’m able to set up my USB->NAS backup job with no difficulty. I start my job, the status indicator goes to 0% (everything at this point looks ok). But then after about 2 mins, the indicator bar jumps to 100% and then the job shows its ready to be run again (the run/play indicator is clickable in the saved job section).

The issue/problem is only one folder gets copies but contains no content. The folder I’m trying to back up from the USB drive has approximately 1000 sub folders and contains mostly music (about 400GB of media). I can’t believe the size would be a problem, but I’m not sure what else could be an issue.

I have tried rebooting NAS, discarding and setting up the job again, but all times I get the same results.  At this point I am using SyncToy to move content from USB drive thru my desktop to the NAS, this works but is not a long term workaround.

Any insight to possible solutions would be appreciated.

Number of directories may be, not saying it is, but may be the problem. See this thread ->

I had the same problem. After much trial-and-error I found out that SPACES in the jobname cause the problem. Try it

Yes avoid spaces and if that doesn’t do it try a factory reset. I had problems with the NAS to USB backup as well but have it working now but not sure which fix ultimately did the trick.