Problem with USB 3.0

I have a NEC chipset based  USB 3.0 Expansion Card (Transcend TS-PDU3) which doesn’t work with my WD Passport Essential Drive (WDBACY3200ABK). The card works fine with other USB 2.0 device and my WD drive works fine through my PC’s USB 2.0 port.

The WD drive spins up when I’m connecting it to the USB 3.0 port but nothing else happens.

All related driver is up to date.

I have an ASUS Commando motherboard with the latest BIOS and  Windows 7.

Please help me find solution!

I am in the same boat…ASUS U3S6 card and an onboard USB 3.0 (Asus Maximus III Extreme) that uses the NEC chipset.


I have the same Problem USB 2.0 is OK. USB 3.0 (Transcend TS-PDU3) is not. Nothing happens after connection.

Does it make sense to buy another USB 3.0 card?


Are you sure that it’s supportred with your other hardware. Is your motherboard and other stuff updated with drivers and all?