Problem with upload to My Cloud 3TB

Having a realy strange problem with my new WD My Cloud 3TB NAS.

My upload to the nas is realy slow and unstable. It drops to 0 kbits/s for some seconds and go up and down:


When i try to upload a file to a computer in my network who is connected to the same router there is no problem:


Download speed from the NAS is great:


LAN Speed Test Live:

_ Version 1.3.1 _
_ OS Version: Windows 8 _
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
_ Date: 06/02/2014 _
_ Time: 10:52:20 _
_ Program Parameters: 0 _
_ High Performance Timer: 0.0000005132 _

_ Test File: \NASDRIVE\NASDisk\Serier\NW_SpeedTest.dat _
_ Write Time = 34.3815473 Seconds _
_ Write Speed = 238.2673440 Mbps _
_ Read Time = 33.4303917 Seconds _
_ Read Speed = 245.0464880 Mbps _

_ Test File: \NASDRIVE\NASDisk\Serier\NW_SpeedTest.dat _
_ Write Time = 38.6548535 Seconds _
_ Write Speed = 211.9268160 Mbps _
_ Read Time = 25.0649670 Seconds _
_ Read Speed = 326.8306720 Mbps _

_   _

NAS performance tester give this result:

NAS performance tester 1.7
Running warmup…
Running a 1000MB file write on Z: twice…
Iteration 1: 5,92 MB/sec
Iteration 2: 5,50 MB/sec
Average (W): 5,71 MB/sec
Running a 1000MB file read on Z: twice…
Iteration 1: 43,53 MB/sec
Iteration 2: 43,47 MB/sec
Average ®: 43,50 MB/sec


My wireless connection is fine:




What can be wrong? Is my NAS faulty?

Sorry for my bad english but it’s not my native language.

/Bjorn Tore

_   _


Do you experience the same results from all systems within your network when performing file management operations with your WD My Cloud?

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This happends with all computers in the network.

But the mystery is why this only happend wireless to the router. When transfering with cable to the router there is no problem. 

I can transfer fine wireless to other computers connected to the router. Only the NAS who has the problem.

Transfering via FTP to the NAS is better but still having some drops:


And why is LAN speed test giving me nice speed but not NAS performance tester? Are they using difrent protocols? This is a big mystery for me :neutral_face:

/Bjorn Tore