Problem with TV live 2

Hello guy’s.

I have two WD media players, the old one , and the last one, the problem is that some files avi or mpeg are working with the old!!! WD and not with the new.

For example the file with the below characteristics:

General #0
Complete name        : fantasmenos.mpg
Format               : MPEG-2
Family               : MPEG-2
File size            : 3.18 GiB
PlayTime             : 1h 33mn

Video #0
Codec                : MPEG-2 Video
PlayTime             : 1h 33mn
Bit rate             : 9000 Kbps
Bit rate mode        : CBR
Width                : 720
Height               : 576
Aspect ratio         : 1.000
Frame rate           : 25 fps
Standard             : PAL
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)   : 0.868
Delay                : 45000

Audio #0
Codec                : AC3
Bit rate             : 160 Kbps
Bit rate mode        : CBR
Channel(s)           : 2 channels
Sampling rate        : 48 KHz
Delay                : 0 / 45000
Video0 delay         : -45000
ChannelPositions     : L R

what is wrong??

The new Live WD media player responds with not supported file, with the old WD media player working fine.

Thank you very much,


I looked through both of the user manuals and firmware updates bot both the WDTV HD (original) and the Live unit

From what I can see the latest firmwares are  HD TV 1.03.01 and Live is 1.01.11.

Both units support the .MPG formats with the MPEG 2 video.  I did read somewhere that one of the firmwars on the original WDTV init added AC-3 audio support, but I have not been able to find that agian, but I cannot find anything in the documentation for the Live unit that shows support of this audio file with the mpg file extension.

From what you are telling us this sounds to be the case, maybe they will add this in a future firmware.

Well first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:smiley:

So I found that the same file, is working in a USB, and not to my WD HD 500GB.

Also I checked that some files sometimes working and some times not!!

Why do anyone have the same problem??


I found what was wrong!!

The error was in GREEK language in files!!!

This was not a problem to the old WD.

I don’t know I’am very disappointing