Problem with Toshiba External Hard Drive

I purchased a 2 TB Toshiba 3.5 hard drive, model PH3200U from Best Buy earlier today.  I use a macbook pro, so I formatted the drive Mac OS Extended (1.81 TB rest of space in one partition, the balance being some software that came preinstalled from Toshiba) and transferred a few avi and mkv files over to it, that had previously played on the wd tv live via a usb connect 2.5 external hard drive.  The WD TV Live sees the movie files but when I hit play, the blue circle just spins endlessly.  I tried reformatting the drive to Mac OS Extended Journaled, but had the same issue of not playing the file, although it saw the movie files.  Is this the typical problem people are having when the hard drive enclosures are not made to work with the wdtv live unit? 

EDIT:  I’m happy to say I have the external hard drive working.  The first movie I initially played was an MKV file, and it hung up the wd tv live, until I turned it off and back on.  I played a couple of avi files from the new external hard drive and they played fine, and then tried to play the mkv file again and it hung the unit up not letting me play any other files until turned it off and back on. 

So, here’s what you’re seeing:

See 4I.

Yes, that describes my problem and solution exactly.  I originally was concerned with the compatibility of the Toshiba hard drive that I did not think the video could have been the issue.  Thanks for the post.