Problem with Time Machine and My Book Studio for Mac 1TB

Hi all and sorry for my little english… Now I’ll try to explain my problem.

I bought a WD My Book Studio for Mac on february. I’ve installed the software but I didn’t back up with WD software, I obviously started using Time Machine.

Yesterday, I checked Time Machine preferences, where I read:

  • Latest backup: March, 8th at 7.00 pm

  • Next backup: Today, 6.30 pm

Ok… I waited until 6.30 pm to check if the back up would be started but… nothing appeared… And in Time Machine preferences I read:

  • Latest backup: March, 8th at 7.00 pm

  • Next backup: Today, 7.30 pm

It continues doing this every hour. Time Machine doesn’t auto back up every hour?!?

If I manually backup, there are no problems and the backup is fine and done.

In Time Machine options, the automatic backup is switched on.

So… Is this normal? What could be happened? I checked the hard disk and it seems there are no problems.

My hard disk is connected via firewire 800 and I have a new iMac with Snow Leopard.

Thank you all, I hope I explained my problem well :slight_smile:

Since you are using the Time Machine as your back up software.

I would suggest you to uninstall the WD manager and its software to prevent conflict.

If you have no data yet on the WD external drive.

It is a good idea to clean it out by re-format the drive using the disk utility.

Choose Apple file System.

After that, go configure the Time Machine to use the WD external drive for backing up.

Yes, I use Time Machine. And I really think that WD Smartware is creating issues with it.

But… if I remove WD Smartware would I be able to modify the HD settings like the label?

And: which is the exact action to completely remove it? I have to open the Virtual CD and select Uninstall WD Smartware? Without WD Smartware software, could I have issues? For example, the HD will always go in standby mode and will always switch on / shut down with the Mac?

Which settings I have to use when formatting the HD?

Sorry but I’m new with Apple and WD :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi, I have the same problem. I started backing up with the WD as the ‘back up with time machine’ prompt didnt show up. I have now realised  that I need to get rid of whats already backed up and re-back up in time machine. How do I get rid of the data? and how do I re-format? and then how do I start time machine up?

I finally uninstalled the WD Smartware Software, but the problem is always here.

I have a doubt: maybe when the Hard Disk goes in standby mode, Time Machine couldn’t backup?

I have also formatted the HD. Let’s see if the problem will go away… but i have doubts…

I’ll let you know.

Depending on how much memory is being backed up from the computer, I would partition the  WD hard drive so just part of the WD hard drive is used for Time Machine.  I did that on my 750GB Studio hard drive.  I use the other partitions for “drag & drop” back ups.  I also use Super Duper to create a “bootable” backup in another partition.  When you create the partitions be sure, as recommended by Thanarth, that it be a Macintosh format.  The Disk Utility is found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder (or use Shift-Command-U).  When you select the drive from the options on the left side, then select the “partition” button.  You then have to select how many partitions (name them).  They mount as if they are separate drives.  Determine before hand how much memory to give each partition.  Again make sure the format will be “OS Extended Journal.”  With all this done you should easily have Time Machine set up to use the Time Machine partition.

Good luck.   I will try to check back and see if this worked for you.  I have been using mine for about three years in this manner.  It is time next month to upgrade this drive.  I will buy another WD hard drive.  I have five WD drives for my desk computer and PowerBook Pro.  I have a redundancy system so no one drive can put me out of business.