Problem with ThumbGen (mapped drive)


First I am sorry for the bad writing but English is not my first language :stuck_out_tongue:.

So my problem is that ThumbGen do not see my mapped drive, my WDTV live hub. Everything was working **bleep** to reboot the WDTV, ThumbGen, uninstall and reinstall but nothing change, no WDTV drive with ThumbGen.

I use win XP and ThumbGen version 1.2.4 if that can help.

The Rookie

Right click on it and Map network drive.

It does actually say this above the drive selection tab in Thumbgen, I never saw it either. :slight_smile:

EDIT : Having read your thread again, if its listed under my computer, Thumbgen will see it, you sure its mapped under My computer ?

It is mapped under my computer I can have access to it via XP or other computer, but not with ThumbGen, like I said It was working fine at the beginning :cry:.

Get the WD discovery tool and let it map it for you.

I take it you have unmapped and mapped it again ?

Thumbgen is also up to 1.2.5.xx now.

Thanks the mapping worked, I can see my drive in ThumbGen


as WDTV stated, TG is up to 1.2.5 which you can get from