Problem with the smartware backup and the mycloud

Hello. I have bought the mycloud for me in december 2013. And was able to configure everything with the smartware program. But today I tryed to change the files that ware to be backed up by the smartware to the mycloud, when I open the smartware all the uppet tabs works but the backup and restore tabs. When I click on them the program stucks and do nothing anymore. So I can not change the files I wanted. 

I have tryed updating the software and I was up to date, uninstalled the smartware software and reinstalled, rebooted the pc, downloaded and installed the new version 2.4, tryed with the 2.3 version and nothing works.

I am on windows 7 on a bootcamp on my MBP.

Please help me to make this works or sugest me a other program that does the same that WD smartware does for free.

Thank you


This behavior is the result of WD SmartWare not detecting a compatible Western Digital Disk Drive. I would recommend ensuring all networking paths and settings relating to your system and your WD My Cloud are configured for proper (Direct) networking.

It is also possible WD SmartWare is no longer detecting the connection with your WD My Cloud through Apple Bootcamp. This can be tested by running the application on a Microsoft Windows system on your current local network.

I do not know if that is the issue. The smartware is having the same problem when I try to use for backup a usb 1tb my passport hd.


If WD SmartWare is also unable to interact with USB devices, then the SES Driver used by the application is not working properly. It may be related to Apple Bootcamp (Apple Mac OS to Microsofr Windows overhead), and as such the most direct testing procedure involves a Microsoft Windows system.