Problem with the saved files in WDSmartWare.swstor!


I have a problem! I have saved everything on my Western Digital Passport 1TB in the file of Smartware as it was autosaved everything. Now I have made a format to my pc and I have put Windows 7 64-bit whereas my last operating system was Windows Vista 32-bit. For some strange reason I cannot have access to my User account where all my documents and other things are saved.

The path I am following is this:

My Passport --> WDSmartware.swstor --> … PC --> Volume … --> Users --> User X


When I click on User X a pop up window shows up that says that I don’t have the right to enter to that folder, I should press Continue to have access there, I do that and even though I have pressed , it seems that nothing happens.  

Please help me get access again!!!

When you say you can’t access them, is the computer telling you you need administrator access?

It doesn’t say anything like that. But a friend told me that it has to do with the administrator panel. Is that correct?

Am I not the administrator of the system in Windows 7?

Do I have to apply net user administrator/ active: yes after righting on search of the pc cmd and right clicking run as Administrator?