Problem with the Progress Bar and Network Share

Firmware 1.01.24 network share w/ Win 7 x64

About a week ago my status bar when playing videos no longer shows the progress or “time” of the file.  Also, I am now only able to rewind at 2x.  Fast forward is fine up to 16x, but it does not show the time on the bar.  Also, intermittently, my WDTV Live will not locate my network shares.  Very annoying.  Nothing changes.  It will then, without any doing, find them again after a period of time.  Very annoying.

Found after a search for a fix for the progress bar issue in this forum.  Shut down the Live, then unplugged it and left it that way for approx. 20 minutes.  Upon powering it back on and playing a file, the progress bar has been fixed.

Thanks for posting about the fix. I’ve got 2 WD TV Live boxes and both have developed the same problem over the last couple of weeks.

Progress bar goes empty, loses "time" data and renders fast forward and rewind unusable. At least nine other owners have documented the same problem.  <<<----That is a thread from the "other" unofficial wdtv forum. You may need to register to view it.


I have had this problem on two units. The first one was fine for 31 days and then began this behavior (empty progress bar with no timing plus useless fast forward), moved to NO VIDEO, and finally bricked--all in a single day. I returned it for a new unit (Best Buy gave me a day's grace on the 30 day policy).

EXACTLY 32 days after the first exchange (ie: two days beyond the return period), the new unit began exhibiting the same progress bar behavior. Instead of messing with resets, etc, I immediately flashed it with the latest non-beta firmware 1.01.24. After a couple of scary restarts (black screen of death), it settled down and, for the time being, proper progress bar has returned. 

I called WD support to report this behavior and asked if they knew about and had documented this bug. Basically, their response was "no, and who gives a **bleep** anyway?", delivered politely.

I love the player when it works, but I hate dealing with consumer-unfriendly support. I guess I'll keep reflashing this unit until it bricks, at which point I will tell WD to kiss my butt and I will look to a different company for a viable replacement.

PS: I wonder if WD reads this forum. I doubt it.  [deleted extra html]