Problem with the MyBook

I purchased a 3Tb MyBook from a major box store.

Right out of the box (and I should have returned it then), the USB 3.0 did not work.  It would work in 2.0 but not 3.0

Formatted and transferred 2.7 Tb of data to the hard drive.  The drive worked for 22 days, then one day, my PC would not access the drives anymore.  It would show up under Windows Control Panel, but not in Windows Explorer.

Called Tech Support and 3 hours later… I was told call back the next day for Tier 2 tech support.  Never got to talk to Tier 2.

Called again and was told to pull the drive out of the case and see if the drive was good.  Drive was good, but the partition was completely gone.  Put it in my PC and ran Partition Magic and there was not a recoverable partition.  Simply and completely gone.

Lost all my client files, videos and documentation.

Got an email from Tech Support in regards to the survey I filled out…  Was told to return the email with comments or questions or suggestions on how WD could make this right… and now WD is not responding to my emails.

Went back to my box store and found out that 30% of the MyBooks are returned for this or a similar issue… 

Hi Indy-Fox, we apologize for any inconvenience, please note that this is not the world class customer service we strive to provide. We have forwarded your case for further support, please check your private messages.