Problem with the hdd

i was testing thing with themes and now the hub is in a loop of infinite reboots in deep space looping, is it possible to disconnect the hdd inside and connect on the computer,



You must be faster than the livehub

refresh your network constantly

when you’ll see the Live hub , just copy the original file to replace the bad

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Everytime you edit the xmls,

open the edited xml first with an internet browser.

If there is an error, the browser should display it.

anyway, for your problem follow patatozor advice

i couldnt do both or your idea :confused: so i connected the hdd to my computer and uploaded the right file… now it’s working

but thanks tho guys

Supposedly, right before the UI displays, you can hit the RESET button on the underside of the unit.  That should reset to defaults, which includes using the built-in MOCHI theme, allowing the box to fully boot.

You just have to be careful.   Even VALID XML (as verified by the W3C validation tool) can cause the Hub to reboot.