Problem with Subtitles

Goodmorning all,

I have a problem displaying subtitles on my WD Live. I have a hard drive connected directly to the WD and each movie is in a folder of its own. I have downloaded the Greek subtitle and placed it in the same folder. When I play the movie , it tells me that there are no subtitles available. I have checked to see the various subtitle formats and neither of them seem to be identified on the WD. While playing the movies on the computer the subtitles are working fine.

I would appreciate someones help

Thank you

So what are the formats you’re using? If they are supported they need to be named accordingly:

Yes, i went through this and finally understood that in the folder, should be:

moviename (actual movie)

moviename (Jpg) (sub)

I dont put any .avi, or .mkv at the end, since each file picks up its own format.  The important thing is to name everything the same, except for the Sub file, that after the name it should be a .srt

EN rather than ENG is the offical code used on DVDs/standalones and what’s the benefit of deleting the movie file’s extension?

Well, for one thing it looks nicer. I would have liked an option to hide the extension in the lists, i.e. show the movie as Inception instead of Inception.mkv. I didn’t know, the extension could be removed, I’ll have to try that.

But I agree, when manipulating the files in other ways I would definitely want to keep the extension!