Problem with Star Wars Title Sequences

After ripping my Star Wars DVDs to disk, I tried to watch them thought that I had a problem ripping them since the title sequences (A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…) seemed to be jittery, but then I realized that it was jumping between the different versions in different languages. Once I got past the title sequences, the movies seem to play fine. I can also play them fine with Windows Media Player. Anyone else have problems similar problems. Thanks.

That’s either a multiangle or a seamless branching title then. Instead of ripping the movie in file mode, try ripping it in “movie” mode, and select only the angle that corresponds to the language you wanna watch.

That’s right.   The Star Wars movies are complex.   They have different subtitle branches for the Aliens, so that the “forced” subtitles will pick the correct human language…   They have multi-angles for the same reasons, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

And idea on whether or not WD will handle this in the future? I’d rather not have to re-rip movies, and have to keep multiple versions on hand.

Nope… Don’t count on it.   It MIGHT show up if they support full DVD/BR compatibility, which is about the most highly-voted item in the Ideas Lab.

Why would you need to keep multiple versions?

I ripped my Star Wars volumes to just support the English subs…