Problem with standard replacment 2 defective warranties HDD in St. Petersbug, Russia

In accordance with standard procedure of RMA, I got result: in St.Petersburg not exist warranties for End User RMA!

About 1 year I can’t make standard replacement of 2 defective product under warranty in accordance with your Answer ID 1073 “How to replace a product outside of the United States and Canada” where “…In order to replace your defective hard drive, you need to contact a Western Digital distributor in the appropriate country”.
After contacts, St.Petersburg (Russia) WD distributors reject my request to Warranty Services for End User Customers (RMA) of 2 HDD (WD3200AAJS-22L7A0)!

  • Where is our online RMA service in this case?!
  • How to replace these HDD in St.Petersbrg? Can I send these disks to WD Warranty Services in Poland/Germany?
  • For St.Petersburg (Russia) I can’t see your “RMA Pre-Mailer or shipping information…”. Where is that magical list, please?

Have you tried to contact WD directly?:

The RMA pre-mailer you will see it after you create the RMA, the shipping information is on the website. But before we continue have you email or call WD about this?