Problem with Speed and Read & Write Permissions on a Mac


I have already My Book World from last year and it works perfectly with my MacBook Pro.

I decided to upgrade my local NAS and i bought MyNBook Live.

In each drive i have access via SAMBA (smb://MyBookLive/Public) to have full Read &Write Permissions.

My problem now exist on my new My Book Live because it’s very slow (on reading and writing) and i can’t use it for example with Transmission (torrent download). Every time that ad one torrent it stuck… i need to make force quit…

With My Book world i don’t have this problem.

My Book World it seems to be more faster than My Book Live

Any ideas?

I don’t know about the Torrent problem, but in my opinion, the MBL is one of the fastest Single-Drive NAS boxes out there…   It’s not as fast as my 4-Bay QNAP, but it’s pretty fast…

You sure you’re not having any network problems?

i make one test. i plugged MBL directly to ethernet port of MacBook Pro and it was fastest…. now i will try to change MTU size on my router…

I don’t know why is too slow…

Here’s some performance measurement on mine:



Could you tell me about your modem-router? Giagbit ethernet? thanks for the graphics :slight_smile:

I’m not using the Internet Router.   All of my hardware is Gigabit Ethernet through a set of NetGear GS108T switches.

Finally i returned it in technical support…

every time i tried to copy large file it stuck.

i hope to see technician that something  is going wrong… otherwise i think that i will remain witn my book world and i will sell it…