Problem with some photos scrambled when transferred to Green Caviar 1 TB

I recently got a few internal hard drives (Western Digital Green Caviar  -1 TB - WD10EARX) to start a new archiving system for all my files, photos, videos, etc.

My PC  laptop (Sony Vaio VGN-Z570N- running Windows Vista Professional 32-bit)  is full so I am trying to copy a bunch of stuff to the hard drive,  via dock (which I will backup in a duplicate harddrive), and then delete from the laptop’s internal drive.

Here’s the problem I’m having:   I copied a large folder (with many sub folders, about 95GB total) of mostly photos and some short video clips, from the PC Vaio laptop.   After coping, I checked the drive and though it seemed everything copied ok,  some of the images are scrambled in a weird way (see attached examples - the original photos were 6MB but I downsized to email easily)    I made the copy by drag-and-drop through regular windows explorer interface.

The dock is attached to the laptop via USB and it is a 3.0 connection.  The USB connections on my laptop are 2.0 but its supposed to be backwards compatible
The dock is a Thermaltake ST0019U with one slot.

The new hard drive I’m using is Western Digital Green Caviar 1 TB, which was formatted on a different computer (running Windows 7 64-bit) and I did the full format, rather than “quick” version.  There is only one partition on the disk.

Do you have any idea why that I did wrong or how to re-do and prevent this issue in the future?

Im sorry, you mention some of the images? So, what happens if you recopy that image only  from the source?

You may try running a diagnostic using WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to see if something is wrong with your drive.