Problem with sharespace and apc ups (onduleur in french)


I was very happy with my sharespace, except one point: the ups…

I’ve buy an ups to save my sharespace in case of power failure. I’ll see apc back ups was supported, then i’ll take an APC Back UPS ES 700G … who was in the same categorie with APC Back UPS ES 500 noted compatible in the FAQ.

When i plug the data cable between the ups and the sharespace, the sharespace saw it and display the good model of ups, but no else information: status: unknown; battery level, battery runtime and timeout: “----”.

Then the sharespace was not warning in case of power failure…

in the log file, i can find this sort of messages:

“apcupsd FATAL ERROR in linux-usb.c at line 649
Cannot find UPS device –
For a link to detailed …
apcupsd error shutdown completed”

repeted many times.

The technical support of WD can’t correct this problem… so, if someone has an idea… i’ll think you a lot!!!

I am having the same problem with my sharespace and an tripp lite INTERNET350U that’s listed in the supported UPSes on the KB. It just gives me a listing of “Generic UPS” with no indication of remaining battery life. Tech support wanted me to upgrade to the latest firmware, but the button in the admin interface doesn’t work and I have a version of the firmware that is supposedly newer than the newest available, so they don’t know what to do. (2.1.96 with MioNet At least we have 30 days of free tech support to try and get this resolved, this is ridiculous.


Same has you… except i buy an ups who was in the same family with one listed in the KB…

And the upgrade of my firmware is up to date too!!!

Nom i’m ok to modify my firmware with the ssh connection if it was necessary, but i don’t know what to modify…


WD’s support ■■■■■!

I’m having the same problem! They have no answer for me … asked me to reset my ShareSpace to factory defaults.

And to think WD’s TM is “put you life on it”

last time I’m buying a WD product!

I am having the same issues with an APC XS 1500 which worked perfectly under the previous firmware rev. I rebooted and didn’t help. Another broken piece of software.

The only consolation is that they have pulled the 2.2.8 release from the download site, so maybe they will do a fix and better quality check.

I am also seeing the same problem with APC  BE700G-UK and WD Sharespace and I’m being advised that only the BE500U is compatible by WD. Not very helpful and pathetic when APC advise that they both use the same USB Standard Battery Driver!

Anyone had any joy is resolving, I have the latest firmware on the Sharespace.

no solve at this time after a long time with the technical service…

the fault to an old apcupsd in the firmware…may be a new one in the next firmware!!

same problem with APC SmartUPS 1500 (SUA1500I). Only  “-” symbols in status tab. Models SUA750 and SUA1000 listed in KB as compatible. Ideas?