Problem with set up application for wd software

hp pavillion dv5, vista

i have a My Book Elite 1.5tb, everytime i plug my external in a message comes up, set up application for wd software. if i press continue nothing happens, sometimes if i press cancel my external works. i have updated the drives and software many times but i still have the same problem. the bottom right icon stays flashing green to white and writes drive discovery but i cant enter my external. i havent got a password, so it should just open. any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Did you install the Smartware or a password? This sounds like an older version of the Vrtual CD. It needs to be disabled. You can use the firmware to disable it there are instructions for that. A simple fix I used was go to device manager find the virtual CD right click and disable. If you drive use on another pc it will still be there doing the same.

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