Problem with seeing mybookworld as a media server


hi there,

I have a mybookworld NAS and WD TV live on the same wired network.

when i open the menu on the WD TV live i used to  see the mybookworld as a media server and also a network share, but now the WD TV live will only see it as a share ?

I had this problem before and a reset to factory on the WD TV live cured it but this time it has no effect.

I can browse the network with a Nokia E5-00 mobile over wi-fi and it can see the mybookworld as a media server

Anyone got any ideas ?


MyBookWorld Media Servers not recognized on WD TV Live

Check the MBW’s config and make sure the WDTV hasn’t gotten “Blocked” for some reason.


Thanks Tony

  • I’ve reset the twonky media server on the MyBookworld and all seems OK on the server, it is seeing the WDTV live with the correct IP address, but i see can;t see the MyBookworld on the WDTV live

is there somewhere else apart from the Twonly config where the WDTV live could be blocked on the MyBookworld