Problem with RMA No: [Deleted]


I have sent my WD Black 2 TB sata3 HDD for RMA dated 2nd Feb 2011 and yet to receive the replacement drive…

I am from India. Can anyone please highlight the cause why we people are facing such problems with respect to RMA in India…  Mailed to Deleted and Deleted from Intarvo twice but no reply from their side.

Deleted: Deleted

Can anyone plse pour some inputs!!!  


Please check your private inbox.

I am still waiting for an update… This is really the worst RMA services I have ever come across…

Can you people plse update me the status!!!

No Update yet…Can any1 plse help me out to resolve the issue!!!

PMed Trancer a no of times but he is not replying …

ManpreetSingh, please check your Private Inbox.