Problem with remote access to FTP

Hi, I need some advice.

I’ve got My Cloud EX2 Ultra (OS: 2.30.193). I want MyCloud to be data warehouse. I want to send data from remote virtual machine (in automatic way) so connection between MyCloud and virtual machine has to be constant. Virtual machine has diffrent Internet network than MyCloud (it is far away from MyCloud device). The task is to make backups and size of these backups is large (several TB).

Here is my first question: What is the best way to connect between virtual machine (remote access) and MyCloud in order to send (and magazine) a large amount of data in automatic way (without action of user)? Is it FTP?

I know the access to MyCloud can be realized by Internet account or desktop application, but this is not the way I’m looking for.

MyCloud can work as a FTP server. And this is the way I’ve tried to solve the problem. But it still doesn’t work. Here is description of what I did (assuming that external IP is constant):

  1. I set MyCloud IP as a static IP:

  2. I turned on FTP access with this settings:
    Maximum users: 10
    Idle Time: 10
    Port: 21
    Flow Control: Unlimited
    Passive Mode: Default
    Enable Report external IP n PASV mode (External IP: 80.49.132.XX)
    Implicit TLS: no
    Explicit TLS: no
    FXP: OFF

  3. I set Port Forwarding:
    Select the default service scan
    FTP TCP 21 21

  4. MyCloud is connected to NEATGEAR router. So I set port forwarding from router to MyCloud (with Service Type as TCP):
    External Starting Port: 20
    External Ending Port: 21
    Internal Starting Point: 20
    Internal Ending Point: 21
    Internal IP address: 10.0.0.A

  5. I check if my FTP port (21) is open (using
    And it says the port is closed (even if antivirus and windows firewall are turned off).
    My system connection looks like this:


So is the port (21) closed beacause of double NAT?
Should I enable bridge mode between NEATGEAR and modem? If yes, the port after this will be opened?
Or maybe there is another, better solution to solve this?

First, see the dedicated subforum for the EX2. This subforum is for a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

Second, FTP is generally a very insecure method of access to a NAS like the My Cloud units. One’s FTP login/password (and possibly transferred data) can be subject to interception since it is not encrypted. If the EX2 Ultra supports using SFTP use that instead if possible.

See the EX2 subforum and read (if you haven’t already) the User Manual for the EX2 Ultra to see if there are better,more secure, methods of accessing a remote My Cloud. It might involve using a third party app through the App tab on the My Cloud Dashboard.

Generally to use FTP one has to enable Port Forwarding of Port 21 within the router the My Cloud is connected to in order to allow FTP access from the broadband side of the router. Some broadband providers will block common ports like Port 80 and 21. If this is the case than one may have to choose a different port number for the My Cloud, the router port forwarding, and the FTP client at the remote location to use. Lastly one would use the broadband IP address of the router the My Cloud is connected to as the destination FTP server.

Generally one would use a single port (21) for FTP. So for example you would use a starting port of 21 and an ending port of 21 for the port forwarding.

And finally one would need to ensure FTP is enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. And one would use the Dashboard created User Name and Password for My Cloud FTP access. This would entail ensuring the User has appropriate access to any Private Shares on the My Cloud.

@PK_user You may want to look at the New Community My Cloud EX2 Ultra sub-forum too.