Problem with rebuilding RAID1 on MBWII White light


I just got my new drive via RMA from WD since the other crashed.

The problem is now when I tries to rebuild the drive the led is only lit at the bottom

and the top of the led is flashing slowly.

After leaving it on for a few hours the NAS had shut down without doing the RAID.

It won’t start with the network cable attached either. Same problem.

If I change the new drive to the failed on, it works as it should…

So, how do I get it to raid up as it should?!

Should I try to change place on the drives or is it safe to reset the NAS without data loss?!

Please advise!! :slight_smile:


You can reset the drive without  loosing the data on the drive. try doing this with both drives installed.

The problem is that the NAS won’t reply to the push of the reset-button… :slight_smile:

I can’t get it to work, so I’m bying a Qnap instead…

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