Problem with re-scan?

I wonder why it almost always takes several attempts to re-scan a folder.

I’m using media library, and I often move new files into my folders and delete viewed ones, so then I go to the folder, press the options button, and select re-scan.

The message pops that it’s recompiling the library, but almost always the first re-scan does nothing, and I have to do it again.  I can tell by now, because it finishes so quickly, I know it did nothing.  Usually the second attempt is successfull, but once in a while it takes 3 or 4 attempts…

Any body else notice this behaviour?

I also notice, that even though I have auto file scanning set to do it at Standby, it often does not do it, even after a complete shutdown (5 second power-off press).  I would love to know how to make this work better.

Rescan-in-standby has always worked fine for me…

A full power-down / restart does NOT (and from what I understand, it’s not supposed to.)   All it’s doing at bootup is verifying the integrity of the database – not rescanning.

Hi Tony,

Good to know about the powerup… strange that it wouldn’t try to verify everything is ok - folders are there, everything connected… seems like the perfect time to check those things.  Seems like a flaw to me.

I guess what annoys me, when I press re-scan, it shows by the popup message that it received my request, and apparently it attempts to do something, but in the end, it does nothing.  Why, why, why…

Now I’ve learned somewhat, and just press the re-scan again, before I bother to go into the folder to check.

I also find rescan to be undependable.  When I manually “rescan” I always actually clear the Media Library.  That is 100% dependable.  More button clicks though.

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ncarver wrote:

I also find rescan to be undependable.  When I manually “rescan” I always actually clear the Media Library.  That is 100% dependable.  More button clicks though.

Haven’t actually tried clearing the library - usually I’m just interested in one folder.

  I have tried going under System, then Media Library, then re-scanning just the folder I’m interested in, but even that is getting less reliable.

But I think I’ll try clearing the library method next time.  I would rather spend the time it takes to be dependable, rather than have to try 4 or 5 times and then get frustrated because even then it didn’t work, and end up turning the box off and on, like yesterday.

One would think a simple function like that would be bullet-proof against programming bugs or whatnot.  It’s really hard to understand.

Thanks for the idea!

I feel your pain. I have 2 seperate shares connected. 1 as a linux share(6TB MBLD) and a 4TB Seagate attached to it’s USB port as a windows share. Named Videos1 and Videos2. I read on the forum that the same shares with the same first letters have problems refreshing. So I changed them but still have the refreshing problem you could give that a try.

It’s the worst feeling when using this device is refreshing, waiting and then having to go back into settings to try again.

The surefire way and what I do everytime is turn off media library, clear the library, then turn the media library back on, that has worked everytime for me.