Problem with permissions - I can't access a folder that another user in the same group created


I’ve just set up a mybook world 2 , and created a group with three users, all running mac os x leopard.

I then created a volume, and set all of the group members to have full access, and made them all administrators too.

Now, when I connect to the volume I can see and access the folders I created, but no one else can.

If they create folders, they can access them, but I cant.

Please can somebody tell me exactly what I need to do to have X user accounts all accessing a folder and everything within that - there is nothing in the manual that explains this!



I have the same exact problem. What’s the point of settinguser permission’s of a share if there happens to be some hidden rule that makes any folder created by a user that has R/W permission unaccessible to other users who also have R/W permissions?

Has anyone found out how to fix this?