Problem with passwords

Just installed a MBL under Win7 and I am having problems with passwords. As soon as I set a password on a user or on the MBL itself, the Backup and Restore tabs are greyed out in WD Smartware.

So, for the time being, I work without passwords, but this can not be forever…

Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

If you are using the latest version of Smartware there should be an option for choosing which Share you backup to.

Try selecting the Smartware share, then the Backup / Restore tabs should be available again. You could also select a Private share you have created, then click on the MBL’s icon in Smartware. It will then prompt you for the user/pass to access the drive.

I am using the latest version of WD Smartware (1.6.4).

I seem to have no problem when putting a password on My Book Live (admin) itself. But as soon as I put a password on the user (public, no private share), the tabs backup and Retrieve are greyed out and WD Smartware seems unable to connect to the external drive:

I can not select My Book Live.

My standard Backup is set to the Smartware share.

However I can map all shares, also the Smartware share !