Problem with optical digital output

Hi to everyone,

This is my first message about my WD TV Live Hub… I hope you can guide me to find a solution…

I recently bought this amazing piece of digital hardware and I’m enjoying a lot of movies, television series, etc etc… Anyway, yesterday, I removed the optical cable from my WD to gently put it inside my Blu-Ray disc player (because for the moment I only have one digital optical cable) but unfortunately, the grey plastic thing who’s hiding the digital output connection was removed by the same way… :frowning:

So now, I’m not entirely able to connect my digital cable completely or I have to take the grey plastic thing and switch it back manually with the cable so it’s really not a really cool way…

Do you think that WD will help me and repair it? I’m still on warranty for the moment so I guess it’ll have no problem?

Another question is does the audio quality is altered if the optical digital output is still open? It’s not the case because I got a system D for the moment…

I really don’t know with what this plastic thing is built but I got a Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc player and I switched my cable so many times now and the small plastic thing who’s hiding the digital output is still there!

Is it happening to one of you guys? Or I’m alone? :slight_smile:


no problem with optical protection. This small protection is only to avoid entry of dust.

You can, like me, buy an optical switch with 3 inputs and one output. On amazon for example (~8 € in france, where i leave !!).


It is an inherent problem in the OPTICAL output port design, Mine broke in 2 days as I was inserting and pulling my Optical Audio cable. I think that small little plastic tab is held in place with two tiny plastic tabs, you will see that one of the tabs is broken as it is poorly constructed.

That grey plastic tab acts as a cover as well as an aid to hold the optical cable in position, you can still use the optical port and carefully insert the plastic tab inside along with your optical cable, It will all fit in place by a snap… and you should be okay.

There is no functionality loss if you leave it open, Some RED color laser light will bleed out of your WDTVLIVE hub but as long as you do not put your eye directly into it’s path you are fine :wink:

Hope this helps