Problem with Online

I have been using WD My Cloud desktop apps (Version without any issue until I upgrade my WD Hard Disk firmware. Now I cannot use the apps anymore.

So, I have to revert to using Online, however I discovered this has another problem which is it only shown upto 30 folders/files at one time, so I cannot view some of my folders/files as some of them exceeded 30. (For example, if you have 60 photos in one folder, you can only view 30 of them online!!!)

This is creating a lot of problem for me as we have 2 separate offices and only one shared hard disk where we stored our office documents, now my satellite office are having problem accessing the files, please help.

We would like to be able to revert back to using the Desktop apps if that is possible. Thanks.

This is not a solution but a workaround: In Chrome, you can get more files when scrolling to the bottom, if you set zoom to 80% and use the slider on the right side(not the mouse wheel) and “bump” it to the bottom of the screen.

I don’t know the Desktop app but on my computer, I have mapped the MyCloud, so it now acts just like any other disk, when I open File Explorer

Thanks for the feedback, it works to a certain extent but limited due to the number of folders/files I have. How I miss the My Cloud Desktop Apps!!!

Mapping didn’t work cause it says filename already use, maybe I should delete the direct shortcut to My Cloud I have when I use it in my office???