Problem with one user's cloud access: can't see why!

I have several users set up on the MyCloud and all have cloud access. Every user is able to access the appropriate shares with no problem EXCEPT 1.

The user in question has created a WDMyCloud account and can then access the shares. However, the next time she tries to do so, she gets peculiar error messages (see screenshots provided, one from her laptop and the other from the mobile app). The only way I can resolve it is to remove her cloud access, then re-enable it and have her log in again by clicking on the new emailed link. However, she can only do that a couple of times before the same problem occurs and I have to repeat the whole process.

I simply can’t figure out why she is having this problem when none of the other users are having difficulty and they are all set up exactly the same!

I’m not particularly technically-minded but if anyone has any ideas then I’ll happily try to follow any instructions. It’s really frustrating when she needs to access documents to do some work and can’t because she needs me to mess around with the cloud access and I’m not available immediately.

Thanks in advance to anyone with an insight into this issue.

Is the person trying to sign into a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud? The My Cloud Home has a nine-digit code.

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It’s a MyCloud not MyCloud Home. Which suggests…is she trying to log in in the wrong place??

I have sent her an email to find out if this could indeed be the issue. I really hope it’s so simple a solution!