Problem with old and now new WD TV live

So had my old Wd TV live without wifi, worked well for 2-3 years and then couldn’t send picture to both TV’s from HDMI only throught composite…

Now got new WD TV Live and that one only works on one TV only if it’s conected straight to TV…

Straight I mean because I have HDMI hub which has 3 inputs and 1 output, I have only one HDMI on my TV…

Can anyone solve my problem…?

thanks a lot

I’m having the same issue.  I just moved to a new house and tried connecting my components (WDTV Live, cable box, and XBox360) to my TV via an HDMI switch (at my old house they were all directly connected to the TV).  The cable box and XBox work, but the WDTV is only giving a “No Signal” screen.  When I connect the WDTV directly to the TV via HDMI it works fine.  Obviously the switch is doing something to the handshake between the TV and the WDTV.  Any suggestions?

My TV is a 2010 Samsung LED LCD (UN55B6000).

I’ve tried several different HDMI cables and different HDMI inputs on my TV – nothing helped.


I am confused . . .  Are you trying to use the HDMI switch box for inputting your WDTV into the box so you can output it from box to TV? 

Most HDMI switch boxes allow for multi inputs, and have one output (to TV’s HDMI input) unless you have a less common reverse HDMI box.  I have a couple of HDMI switch boxes, and they work fine for their purpose.

I have all three of my sources going into the HDMI switch, and one cable going out of the switch and into my TV.  Two of the three sources work great (cable box and XBox), but the WDTV signal isn’t being displayed on the TV.

Well, it should, so something strange is going on, for sure.  Try swapping the sources around and see if the WD starts working and something else doesn’t.  It is possible one of the inputs is bad on the box.  In fact, unplug all inputs but one that you know works, and then put that working one into every input to test the box for any problems at an input.