Problem with new WD1002FAEX drive

Hi there… i recently purchased a WD drive (WD1002FAEX) and it’s not working properly.

(crc errors when downloading and when trying to copy data from this disk, and average data transfer speed is ~10 MB/sec.)

The problem is that it had an external damage from the moment i baught it, and since i can’t prove that it wasn’t caused by me, neither the courrier nor the seller accept to refund me, or replace the disk which is theoretically still covered by warranty.

I tried to appeal to the sellers ‘good nature’ saying:  “can’t you make an exception just this once? the disk was bought barely a month ago and i am not sure i could do this kind of damage to the disk even if i wanted to…”

 But, i failed… miserably. The seller insisted that since there is an external damage, the disk is not covered by the warranty, even if it was bought today, and that he couldn’t be certain that i didn’t cause the damage,etc."

So, I thought about searching for spare parts to repair the disk but i couldn’t find any onlnine (although i’m not even sure what parts i would need… ':expressionless: ) .

Then, i though about isolating the damaged parts manually but i have no idea if that is even possible. (i could try splitting the disk in partitions but i don’t think that’s going to work …)

Oh i forgot to mention that no matter how many times i perform checkdisk, it cannot find any errors or bad sectors or anything.

The first time i checked, it located some bad clasters, and supposedly fixed them, but the disk didn’t seem to perform any better

So … is there any way to make the disk “healthy” again?

Sorry to carry bad news mate, but you need to either contact WD for replacement or purchase another drive. If the unit has external damage the possibilities of fixing the drive are really low.

It’s ok my friend… thanks for the reply…

i wasn’t expecting very good news anyway . :stuck_out_tongue:

would it be any good contacting WD for replacement though?

I mean doesn’t the “external damage = no warranty and no replacement” rule apply to WD as well?

(it can’t be just the vendors’  rule…right?)

Even if it’s a minor damage and probably not the cause of the problem, since for a couple of weeks the disk worked fine, even when i ocupied over 300GB?

( i was thinking…  since it’s probably a platters’ problem…

Is it possible to transfer the platters from a random SATA disk to the one with the problem and fix it? just checking… )