Problem with network?

Hello, im new to this kind of stuff but i have built a home network conststing of: 2 computers, a router and a BT hub. I wanted to add to that collection by buying a MyCloud EX2, after i bought that and a 3TB NAS i followed the instructions included and i got to the point where i was to connect the cloud to my HUB after i connected the hub and the power, a flashing orange/yellow light kept flashing, i found that meant there was a problem with the network? Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it, if yes please let me know. :slight_smile:

The network goes like this;

Computer->Socket->Socket->HUB+Router->MyCloud EX2

You have to try connecting My Cloud directly to you computer by a ethernet cable.

Also I remember that something like that was when HDDs were not formated yet.
And it may be so, if you haven’t configured the device yet.

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ok thanks , ill try , if it dosnt work ill get back to you on it but thanks :slight_smile: