Problem with MyBook1130

Hello everybody,

I have two identical MyBook HDDs, both encrypted with TC. HDD “B” works fine with the same cables, usb port, etc., so I want to rule out a problem with anciliary tech.

HDD “A” freezes when I want to mount the encrypted volume. the light blinks one time and then is always on. after some long time win7 gives notice that the HDD was removed and instanly reconnects. Again you have the possibility for only a short access.

It is the same with WD Lifeguard. SMART is not showing a problem, but check 2 begins reading sectors and after a second (one blink of the light of the HDD) the program freezes.

Same problem with ibored checking the whole disk. Access for max. a second. If I am reviewing only some sectors, I have no problem when using ibored. (and no, that is not a solution for copying)

firmware is updated.

any ideas?

try to defrag and chkdsk with windows.

Let me know of the outcome.

As the whole partition is encrypted I cannot use defrag or chkdsk.

the drive freezes before the encrypted partition is mounted. but it does not seem to be a problem of the file system or something with the encryption, as the freeze also occurs when using WD Lifeguard checking the disk or ibored checking sectors.

Then  try using another program like hd tune or hd sentinel

  1. HD Tune shows 100% error in quick testing on Win7 - havent done the long one afterwards

  2. I have an interesting thing to report: while on my win7 computers (Win 7 Home, Win7 Starter) drive A is not working but the identical drive B is and SURPRISE: both drives are working on my old win xp laptop. 

After discovering that (and thinking of buying another drive and just copying everything to the new one with my old computer) I deinstalled the WD SES Driver and WD Driver Package I found under programs. I installed the new SES drivers from the WD homepage. When the drive was connected to the computer, Win7 ran the new device procedures. But even then I have the old problem - when accessing the drive after around 1 or 2 seconds it freezes / light on / no read/write sound and after some time it hearable shuts down and start up again.

Any ideas why drive A is not working on Win7?