Problem with MyBook Essential 3.0 2TB

I purchased my MyBook Essential 3.0 2TB 13 months ago and about 5 months ago, it stopped functioning properly. I was unable to transfer any files to the drive and any attempts were met with _Can’t read from the Source file or Disk _and loading times for accessing the drive were ridiculously long. And then for a long while, Windows has had me Scan & Fix the drive when starting up but as I was used to doing this with my busted iPod, I didn’t think too much of it past frustration. In the past couple of days, the problem progressed to the machine being completely wiped to 0 used bytes while also having apparently 0 free bytes and is invisible to Smartware and Windows. I can’t format it and I can’t install any updates or back anything up. Any suggestions? I would really hate to lose some of the data on the drive.

The partition is corrupted

a data recovery software is needed to retrieve the files

the moment it started acting up you were supposed to backup all data to prevent loosing it