Problem with my WD passaport

Hello Volks, so I have many importants backups in my external HD-WD. Always when I plugged in my WD in my laptop, used to appear 2 windows, one from WD and other from passaport where it were my data. Now when I do the same, just the WS´window appears. So I can not open my data.

So what can I do? Please, someone can help me, my data are really important.


By reading your other post the drive appears to be corrupted.

Try using a recovery software to retrieve the files and reformat the unit.


Did you set any password protection on the drive?

How is the drive showing on disk management?

Check the link below.

How to access Disk Management in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to manage hard drives

In Windows Disk Management, DO NOT CLICK YES or OK if it asks to initialize or format the drive. Cancel and obtain one of the following CD images, burn it to a CD, and boot from it. There is a good chance you can still access your data from a Linux Rescue CD, so long as you do not alter the drive.

OR-  (use the Linux boot option, default settings.)

MyPassport icon disappear randomly when I plug in to my comptuer. How can I get the My Passport Icon back? there are no download for WD Logo icon only for old ones. I have the new one 2011-2013 in black usb 3.0