Problem with my WD my Cloud 2Tb

I commented the problem, hoping can give me some light. I am a regular user of WD and never had problems with his records until a few weeks ago while dragging some images to copy my old hard drive (My book Essential), this was frozen and could no longer be recognized by my MBP RetinaDisplay. I used Data Rescue and was able to recover most files virtually, pending transfer to a new album … here begins the main story.

I purchased the WD 2TB MyCloud, but by mistake, my brother formatted in HSF + from the Mac, regardless Cloud feature and associated serial program (with the formatting … curiously the files were aren’t deleted).The disk can not be recognized by Utility / Disks MBPro and by the Data Rescue. Curiously, it appears and you can access it with the ethernet cable. With USB3.0 cable is not possible, so I assume it has to be formatted deleted important information from the software and / or firmware. In addition, we attempted to ERASE the files that were left and get the error message: -50.

As I can do again functional to my disk and that is recognized by the otdenador via USB

Thanks for your help


The only way to format a My Cloud would be taking the internal drive out of the case and connecting it to a computer. Please note that this will void the warranty on your drive. 

Take a look at this link and see if this would help. Please note the process described in it is not supported.

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this is a network drive, not a USB drive

you can only access the disk from the network. The USB is only to attach additional USB disks for backups or increased storage space.

Not sure what type of “format” was tried through the USB port but it should not have done anything to the mycloud

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