Problem with my photos - please help!

I recently bought a tv live hub. After uploading my photos, I noticed a problem with the way they are displayed. The photos on my USB hard drive which are best viewed vertically, are showing as horizontal on the hub. The normal horizontal photos are fine, its just the vertical ones which are displayed sideways. Aside from individually rotating the photos on the hub, is there a quicker way to fix the hundreds of photos? Thanks for any suggestions!

You could select all the photos and rotate them in Xnview (free program). Make sure you select all the photos you want to turn and then press the lossless rotate button at the top. After you have down this the WDTV will show them correctly.

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But they are already rotated on the pc? Does anyone else have this problem? I imagine it would be quite common. Thanks for any suggestions

My guess is what’s happening is that the application you’re using on your PC to view photos is reading the EXIF data.

EXIF data has an ORIENTATION tag that indicates the orientation in which the photo should be displayed.

It looks something like this:

EXIF tags in 'DSC_5762.JPG' ('Motorola' byte order):
Tag |Value                                                     
Manufacturer |NIKON CORPORATION                                         
Model |NIKON D60                                                 
Orientation |left - bottom                                             
FNumber |f/5.3                                                    
Exposure Program |Not defined                                               
ISO Speed Ratings |200                                                       
Exif Version |Exif Version 2.21                                         
Date and Time (origi|2011:01:08 17:11:20                                       
Date and Time (digit|2011:01:08 17:11:20                                       
Components Configura|Y Cb Cr -                                                 
Compressed Bits per |4.00                                                      
Exposure Bias |0.00 EV                                                   
MaxApertureValue |4.80 EV (f/5.3)                                           
Metering Mode |Pattern                                                   
Light Source |0                                                         
Flash |Flash fired, auto mode, return light detected.            
Focal Length |40.0 mm                                                   
Maker Note |28622 bytes undefined data                                
User Comment |                                                          
SubsecTime |80                                                        
SubSecTimeOriginal |80                                                        
SubSecTimeDigitized |80                                                        
FlashPixVersion |FlashPix Version 1.0                                      
Color Space |sRGB                                                      
PixelXDimension |3872                                                      
PixelYDimension |2592                                                      
Sensing Method |One-chip color area sensor                                
File Source |DSC                                                       
Scene Type |1                                                         
CFA Pattern |8 bytes undefined data                                    
Custom Rendered |Normal process                                            
Exposure Mode |Auto exposure                                             
White Balance |Auto white balance                                        
Digital Zoom Ratio |1.00                                                      
Focal Length In 35mm|60                                                        
Scene Capture Type |Standard                                                  
Gain Control |Normal                                                    
Contrast |Normal                                                    
Saturation |Normal                                                    
Sharpness |Normal                                                    
Subject Distance Ran|Unknown                                                   

 Note the orientation says “LEFT-BOTTOM”

That flag indicates that, to display in the “Correct” orientation, the TOP LEFT of the photo, as it exists in the file, should be rotated to the LEFT-BOTTOM.   In other words, Counter-clockwise 90 degrees, to display in the same orientation the CAMERA was held.

The Hub is most likely ignoring the tag, OR the tag is incorrect to begin with.

Programs like GIMP will tell you what the orientation SHOULD be, but it will open the file AS-IS.

If you want to bulk-rotate your files so that they work correctly with the hub (and also won’t screw up the EXIF tag)

you can use the freeware program MOGRIFY to do it en masse:

mogrify -auto-orient *.jpg

BigDavo wrote:
But they are already rotated on the pc? Does anyone else have this problem? I imagine it would be quite common. Thanks for any suggestions

You may have rotated them on the PC but it may not be saving that info to the photo. The hub needs to know the orientation so that it can display it correctly. I suggested a way out of your problem. It should not take too long to install the program and try it out.
The problem is quite common and I use this program to correct the exif info attached to the photo. If you think about it most cameras have no idea of the camera orientation so they write a default of landscape mode to the exif info. You have to change that so that the hub knows how to display it.