Problem with my passport WD

I have problem with my passport WD-160GB. Today i try to move all of documents and folders to my computer from passport wd. I did that because i need it …i was thinking ok i will have now space the do anything. But then came a massage when i try to remove some documents that i don’t have space. It was just like 350MB space on my passport…

I can`t see anything on my passport, but massage is :

Object: Mac OS X INstall DVD can`t copy because there is no space free on your passport.

Free space is: 350 MB

But i don’t have nothing any more an my passport and I can`t see nothing…what´s happening???

Hi there. Are you on a Mac or on a PC? If you are on a Mac, the drive won’t take a file until you format it or enable NTFS integration on your computer… If it’s a PC, I’d format it to clean it and try again.

Hope it helps!

Your post is not that clear to me. (I wish you would rephrase this post. I am not a native English speaker.)

As far as I can remember Mac OSX Leopard is around 4.2GB and Snow Leopard is around 6.3GB.

Anything above 3.99GB cannot be copied to FAT32 formatted partitions (Windows). If you have FAT32 formatted My Passport, you’ll get this message. Other thing is 350MB free space is certainly not sufficient to copy ten times bigger OSX DVD file.