Problem with My Passport Essential SE 1TB

Now its no longer showing up on My computer. Currently using Windows 7

Before this it was all of a sudden really slow for transfer. I mean a 700mb file taking over an hour to transfer. then it dissappeared, i was then able to update the firmware and it appeared  again, but loading on the PS3 was taking ages

I was then able to look for any problems on WDsmartware and it found no errors which is clearly wrong

anyone help.

to add, tried another usb cable and the drive is formatted to FAT 32



Hi there, have you checked if the problem is the fact that you have the drive as FAT32?

Essential drives have been known not to work well on PS3, FAT32 is an unstable file system for such a drive…

What if you go to disk management (right-click on computer> manage> disk management) and see if the drive is healthy, raw, unallocated or corrupted?

eventually got it to connect and it says healthy. its been working fine since i formatted it to FAT 32 last year sometime. just went on the fritz for no reason the other day. any guesses or software i can DL