Problem with my Passport: Access is denied!

Hi guys :wink:

When I connect my Passport to the Laptop, (because of password protection) I need to open .exe file located on WD Unlocker and after unlocking I can access to my Passport. But now when I’m going to open WD Unlocker windows says “Access is denied”. It’s looks like that windows cannot read content of WD Unlocker drive because Name/Icon of drive isn’t what it should be! Please help! :cry:

Hey Guys come on help me please!

You can look at what I wrote the other user over here:  

Since you had a password on the drive, you could try safely removing it, and try it on another pc to see if it will take your password. 

No no that isn’t my problem. But I found a workaround for my issue. When I upgrade firmware (however its already upgraded) my Passport is showed up and I have access to that!!! But I don’t have tested it on other PC/Laptop, so maybe this issue can be solved by that! MAYBE!

This caused me a little regret because of my purchase

yeah, once you get your data, I’d consider doing an RMA and replace the drive.

What’s RMA?

This issue is because of my Antivirus! :slight_smile: