Problem with my book world edition and windows 7

I have My book world edition(wite light) connected with router (Asus WL-529GU) and computer Windows 7 (wired). And my problem is: If I restart my computer while my book turning on it won’t see my book. Only solution is reboot My book world while computer is turned on.

Does anybody know something about this?

No idea.

Are you using static lan IP for ‘my book world’ on your router?

static is always better than using dynamic from dhcp.

Problem solved.

I disabled antivirus function “Scanning network drives”, and upgraded firmware.

And yes, I’m using static IP.

When you updated the firmware, did you mean for the NAS or for your router?



Oh, I’m sorry. For the My book.

Sweet…Id not thought of updating the firmware on it!

Just updated it now but still no improvements with my problem, driving me mad!


Same problem?


Same problem.

I have contacted WD support, recieved an email about Win XP NOT win 7 which I stated in the contacting process.

Anyhow, told me to connect to it locally instead of using the wireless network ‘as some networks do not provide a strong enough signal to connect to the unit’.

I replied saying I dont actually think it is down to the network connections I currently that have thats the issue as I can ping the NAS as well as configuring it!

Still awaitng a reply…will update when I recieve one.


This problem was only on one computer, so I think it’s antivirus. Other computers in network worked well.