Problem with My Book Essential 2TB USB 3.0 Recognition

I seem to have the same problem as countless other people, and I seem to have stumbled upon what it is causing it.

For some odd reason, after I had formatted the MBE 2 TB with the WD Quick Formatter, the symptoms of USB 3.0 being not recognized arose. After doing every fixes that were posted on the forum, I remembered that before I used the WD Quick Formatter, the external drive started without the USB problem right away - and it also powered off it’s own disk spin after being disconnected safely using the Windows 7 “Safely Remove” function in the quicktray.

Thus to test my theory, I opened up a new 2 tb external I had, and hooked it up - which recognized the drive right away without the problematic USB 3.0 yellow box popping up. Did it multiple times to make sure, and everytime I reconnected (even after a full restart), the 2 TB My Book Essential that had not been formatted worked without a problem.

That being said, I believe something must be overwritten during the format process that is causing this problem. I don’t think it’s isolated to my 2 drives, since my preivous 2TB before I RMA-ed for the new one (due to SMART error) also did not recognize USB 3 after a format.

Could anyone chime in as to why this might be happening after a format? and is it possible to restore an already formatted drive to a similar state before the format?

Did you try formatting the troublesome drive from Windows? You can also get DLG and fromat the drive by writing zeroes to it. You can find it in the software for your drive. Most of us don’t format that often so I’ll post this and make sure you didn’t miss something. You can try a third party format tool also EaseUS has a free one I think the real problem is USB 3.0 was not well tested and coordinated by hardware and software makers.